Fighting For You Because I Believe In You

When Accused Of Assault Or A Violent Crime, You Must Act Quickly

Allegations of violence are very serious and can lead to extensive and devastating consequences. A conviction can lead to decades behind bars and thousands of dollars in court fines, especially if a gun or other weapon is involved. The prosecutors will not hold back. You need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

At Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers, I believe in you, and I have the strength and tenacity to stand up for your needs. Do not wait. Call my office today at 704-338-9196.

I Will Fight For You In Court

There are many factors that will impact your case and prospective consequences. Issues like the extent of harm inflicted, the use of weapons and the reasons for the actions can all impact your case.

My experience is extensive. I manage cases involving:

  • Domestic violence and intimate partner violence
  • Assault with a deadly weapon, including firearms
  • Homicide and manslaughter charges

The success or failure of your case hinges on preparation, knowledge and timing. My firm will help you explore all your options and evaluate the evidence in your case. I will not blindly enter a plea, and I will always be upfront with you about your prospects.

Our promise? I will never be outworked. Our commitment is to you and your best outcomes.

Why Work With Me?

At Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers, I know the ways that prosecutorial teams work, and I have critical insights into the criminal justice system. I am a former prosecutor who has an insider’s understanding of the courts. Contact my office today for an appointment. Reach out by phone at 704-338-9196 or email.