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Robbery And Theft Defense Attorney

A conviction for robbery with a dangerous weapon results in mandatory jail time in North Carolina. If you have been charged with robbery or theft, without a skilled criminal defense lawyer to get your case dismissed, reduce your charges or successfully defend you at trial, you could go to jail. Imagine the impact this could have on your life.

Committed Criminal Defense Representation

At the Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are committed client advocates, dedicated to providing personalized legal defense to individuals charged with theft, robbery and larceny. If you are facing a criminal charge, contact us today to discuss your case with an attentive, thorough and experienced attorney you can trust.

Robbery and theft crimes include:

  • Robbery with a dangerous weapon, common-law robbery
  • Breaking and entering
  • Shoplifting
  • Mugging
  • Retail crimes
  • Consumer crimes

Robbery involves stealing property through the threat of violence, force or intimidation. Our firm has represented individuals charged with robbery for breaking into fast food establishments and breaking into cars, as well as defending people charged with robbing another individual during an illegal drug transaction.

Theft crimes do not necessarily involve the threat of violence, but can still have major consequences. We represent individuals who have been charged with stealing from their employer or a retail establishment. We have also defended individuals charged with embezzlement.

Whatever charge you are facing, we will sit down with you, listen carefully to your story, ask you questions about yourself, and thoroughly evaluate your situation in light of any past convictions and the context of your life. We get to know each client so that we are able to advocate for his or her individual needs. If you hire us to handle your defense, we will be invested from the very beginning until the very end. We do not close a case until we have done everything we can for our client.

Representation From A Skilled Former Prosecutor

Attorney Leazer Rogers has extensive experience on both sides of the criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor in the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office, she knows how to handle robbery and theft cases and the best approach to take to achieve the most favorable outcome for her clients.

We provide free initial consultations in theft and robbery cases. Contact us online today or call us at 704-338-9196 for skilled, aggressive and unwavering advocacy from a trusted, respected Charlotte attorney.