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Aggressive Defense Attorney For Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket may seem minor, but depending on your speed and record of past charges, you could face heavy fines, higher insurance premiums, license revocation and possible jail time for a speeding offense. If illegal drugs or weapons were found during the stop, you could face serious criminal consequences. You need an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case.

At the Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers, we truly care about our clients and listen to the entire story before making any legal decisions. We know that every case is different. Asking questions allows us to understand your unique situation and prepare the best defense on your behalf. Contact our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in a free initial consultation.

Paying The Ticket Is Pleading Guilty

Paying your speeding ticket is pleading guilty. What seemed like a minor traffic violation, however, could cause problems with future schools or jobs. By hiring a lawyer, you may be able to reduce the charge and resulting consequences.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Rogers knows what evidence is necessary to make a case against you. She uses this insight to provide a solid defense that addresses your specific needs.

Under her guidance, we examine the traffic stop to determine whether there are grounds to contest a speeding ticket. By looking at police reports and listening to your testimony, we can determine if the police followed proper procedures. If your license was revoked, we can file for license restoration.

If you received a speeding ticket, you need a defense lawyer who understands your situation and treats you like a person, not just another case file. Call us at 704-338-9196 or  contact our office online for a free initial consultation and thorough case evaluation.

Remember, paying the ticket is pleading guilty. Hire a lawyer to contest your speeding ticket right away.