Fighting For You Because I Believe In You

Understand The Charges You Face During A Larceny Case

Larceny is the kind of term you do not often hear in regular conversation. It means theft of property. If a person or business accuses you of theft, the consequences can be serious, especially if the accusation rises to the level of a felony. Before you say anything to the police, ask for an attorney.

At Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers, we will fight for you. I’m a former prosecutor who understands the ways the prosecution works against you, and I will stand up for your rights. My firm puts you and your future first. Call me today for an appointment at 704-338-9196.

The Details Matter

When you work with me, I make a clear promise: I will always be prepared. I examine your case thoroughly. When I look at the evidence, I work diligently to find the holes in the state’s case and build the strongest case possible.

I am always honest and understanding. I work with you to find the right answers for you and your unique circumstances. Whether you face allegations of car theft, shoplifting or another form of theft like burglary, my firm can help determine your best options and make sure you have a path forward.

Working With My Firm

At Law Office of Mary Leazer Rogers, the first thing I do is talk with you about your side of the story. Then, we get to work examining your case and finding your best options. I work with you to make sure you have a voice. Call us at 704-338-9196 or reach us online.